Casual Dating Tips for Those Who Date Deep 

Casual dating tips are evergreen—meaning that they will be around forever. Once upon a time when Grandma knew you had a date, she’d give you the adulthookup review. She’d also drape her shawl across her shoulders, would steady herself on her cane, and would accompany both you and your date to the fair or to a movie or to an ice cream social.

She’d probably already known something about the guy’s family since everybody knew almost everybody back then. The world was a lot smaller.

Grandma told you the basics of dating etiquette, including safety rules. When slow dancing together, there had to be daylight between you and your date. This was near the top of her list of casual dating tips.

Today, it’s a brand new bag!

 Daters have simply outgrown the ritual of expecting Grandmas to grab their shawls and canes and accompany them. The places daters go to now are vastly different from the ice cream socials of yesterday.

Today, there are more venues, such as attending Raves. While this option and those like it will probably be unapproved by Grandma, she, and those like her everywhere, are now doing their own dating thing.

So what are some of the casual dating tips that grandmas of a bygone era would’ve told you? These are the same casual dating tips today, but some are just clothed in a slightly different language carved from a changing culture.

Casual Dating Tips are for You Who Date Casually–as Well as for You Who Date Deep.

Deep dating is for those who take dating very seriously, that is, by dating frequently or by taking their dating super seriously. They peer into the recesses of your soul, much like a cat peers into the fish in a bowl. 

In other pages throughout this site, at a future time, there will be more casual dating tips. But for now, check these out…

Let’s set the scene. You’re on a blind date at a house party. There’s pizza and beer. The music is popping and people are in the middle of the room getting down. You’re just past the first-impression stage of meeting your date.  

So far, so good.

In Casual Dating, Consider these 5 Don’t and Do tips…

1. Don’t be a zombie. You know what a zombie is, right? It’s a mute, brain-dead, walking corpse. When on a date, don’t be a zombie.

The Proper Dating Tips Will Help To Suppress Your Inner Zombie

Do show signs of life. Be attentive; have good eye contact. Ask appropriate questions. Smile when appropriate. Be engaging. Be in the now.

2. Don’t slump. This posture says a lot about you, and none of it is good. If you slump, it might shout that you have self-esteem issues or that you’re bored.

Do sit and stand straight. You don’t have to walk like a runway model but confidence shows. Be aware of the message your body sends. Your date is watching.

3. Don’t just suck it up. If the guy is becoming obnoxious, don’t sit there and take it. Let these casual dating tips be your guide.

Do activate your escape plan. What, you don’t have one? Always know how to extricate yourself from a sticky situation. (It’s just as important as knowing where the bathrooms are.) Make sure friends have your back. Be in the now. Now, get up and walk away. Have a friend walk you to your car and watch you until your taillights become small pinpoints of light on the horizon.

4. Don’t get sauced. People will often take the opportunity to prey on the incapacitated. Just watch the morning, noon, and evening news. And the in-between news as well. Besides, the world will not coddle you when you have a hangover. It will not hold your hand and give you a cup of herbal tea like Grandma would.

Do be your own best friend. Be aware of your surroundings. Limit your drinks to wine maybe instead of the hard stuff. On a first date, you might even opt to have a soft drink. And don’t leave your drink unattended.

5. Don’t be hypercritical. Okay, perhaps the music is too loud or the food is lousy. But nagging and speaking negatively about it won’t help. Maybe the host can turn down the music. Avoid eating more of the food. You’ll run into these less-than-perfect situations again in life. And again.

Do make the best of your time with your date. Daters are often nervous especially meeting someone for the first time. Turn and give him your full attention. Put him at ease. Find something to complement him about and tell him but only if it’s genuine. He may be the one. You know, the Right One.

Don’t forget these and other casual dating tips Grandma told you about.

Do remember that her dating wit is timeless.

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